Introduction: Guest Book Camera

As most of you know, wedding takes a lot of effort. The groom well aware that his fiancé and he will be extremely busy, that he cannot even thank his guests for being with them on the special day. A lot of wedding that are held these days, the bride and the groom create a form of guest book that requires guests to take a picture, and they can add a comment underneath the picture; but this does not usually work, since it is to difficult to collect all the pictures at the end of the wedding. Then comes the idea of hiring a cameraman just for this plan, but the reception is too crowded and busy, that it is impossible for even the professionals to take each and individual guests’ pictures.

So, as for the solution, our team came up with a special kind of ‘Guest Book’, where the camera itself takes a picture, automatically. The picture taken with that camera then be transferred to a website (this is also automatic), so the guests can access to the website and add comments afterwards. This way, not only the bride and the groom enjoy the pictures taken at the wedding, but the guests can also look back at the memories.

Step 1: Arduino


1 x arduino uno

1 x servo motor

3 x human sensors



Servo myservo; int left = 2; int right = 3; int mid = 4; int motor = 5;

void setup() { pinMode(left, INPUT); pinMode(right, INPUT); pinMode(mid,INPUT); myservo.attach(motor); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop(){ if (digitalRead(left) == HIGH && digitalRead(mid) == LOW && digitalRead(right) == LOW) { myservo.write(0); delay(2500); } else if (digitalRead(left) == HIGH && digitalRead(mid) == HIGH && digitalRead(right) == LOW) { myservo.write(45); delay(2500); } else if (digitalRead(right) == HIGH && digitalRead(mid) == LOW && digitalRead(left) == LOW) { myservo.write(180); delay(2500); } else if (digitalRead(right) == HIGH && digitalRead(mid) == HIGH && digitalRead(left) == LOW) { myservo.write(135); delay(2500); } else if (digitalRead(mid) == HIGH && digitalRead(right) == LOW && digitalRead(left) == LOW) { myservo.write(90); delay(2500); } else { myservo.write(90); delay(1000); } }

Step 2: Table & Curve ( Laser Cutter)

The data is made by illustrator .

Step 3: Camera Holder (3Dprinting)

We used 123DDesign to make this data and used 3D printing to print it out.

Step 4: Website

We made this website by Wix. Link the website to dropbox. It will auto upload the photo to website when you shoot the photo.