Guide to Pet Rocks: Part 1




Introduction: Guide to Pet Rocks: Part 1

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This guide is going to show you how to care for Pet Rocks, how to find them, feed them, etc.

(Most of this is fictional, but you still can use it)

Step 1: Finding Your Rocks

Rocks like to be in sunny places so fish and Bears won't eat them, but you can also find Marine Rocks (Fish Rocks, found in any puddle or river or ocean). They will often be hiding in your Lawn or Backyard. Pick one (Or a few) and give it the loving home every Rock needs.

Step 2: Naming Your Rock

Rocks can sometimes be hard. You can name it: (E.g) Lucy, Bob, Joe, Rocky, and more.

Can't decide? Look up "Baby names" on Google.

(Leave in the comments if you found the Doctor Who Easter Egg....If you did, you get a non-existing Cookie!)

Step 3: Washing Your Rock

When you bring your Rock to it's new home, you should first wash it in lukewarm water in the sink (Make sure it's plugged, or the Rock will fall to it's doom in the sewers and you will get a clogged sink).

Use soup to clean it, because you don't know how dirty he/she is, because they were out there on the ground for who-knows long.

Step 4: Make It a House.

Everyone needs a house- including Rocks. Get a box (Shoeboxes work best) and a small bed (A Match Box with fabric in it, LEGO Bed, Minecraft Papercraft bed, etc. I used a plastic box with BIONICLE sheets for the Bed, then used a piece of fabric for the blanket) and other things your Rock could need. Rocks need to be noticed and loved, or it will become an Emo Rock. Watch TV with it, read bedtime stories to it, go camping with it, take it shopping and let it pick out items, make a Raft and let it swim a puddle, etc.

Step 5: End

This is the End of Part 1. If this helped you, leave a comment.

I made this because I just started to get Pet Rocks last night and now I have Jackie Johnson and Unnamed Rock Bob.

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6 years ago

If it keeps happening, tap it's nose and say "Bad Rock! No." If it still happens, you have an Emo Rock.


6 years ago

RevSchlem, it may 1. Have rabies 2. It may have to watch TV. This sometimes happens when it is bored, so give him/her something to do. (TV, toys, etc)


6 years ago

Mine keep "marking" the carpet and biting, how can I correct those behaviors?


6 years ago on Introduction

Also, I would love to see your Rocks. If you follow this, make sure to I Made It! with pics of your Rock. Good luck, and happy Pet Rock Taking care of time.