Introduction: Guide to Leds

In this instructable i will show you how leds work the different types and cool projects 

Step 1: How Leds Work

Leds work when a semi conducter is joined with 2 terminals + &- p + n positive and negative gives light beams here is a picture to explain further.

Step 2: Types of Leds

There are different types of leds I have layed them out on a breadboard for you to see 

Step 3: Types of Leds 2

Step 4: Type of Leds Final Step.

Step 5: Led Revolution!

Leds are more common in the modern world have you noticed some traffic lights use leds they are used on buses in cars clocks almost everything electronic has leds. Leds are better as they can be blinked and are low energy programming leds to do stuff is just simple more houses use led lights nowadays.

Step 6: Projects

I bet youre getting tired of me just talking about leds all the time here are some projects.

Step 7: The Famous Led Throwies!

led throwies are simple even a 2 year old can make one. 
Simply get tape one coin battery  a magnet and finally a led.
Slide the led onto the battery short side to negative and tape it together put the magnet on the back and throw! 

Step 8: Blinking Led

put a led in pin 13 and ground in arduino upload the blink sketch play around with the code and make in go faster lower.

Step 9: Led Cube

make a jig and put leds in the holes solder the squares to gether to make a cube and add the arduino.

Step 10: Vote for Me

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