Introduction: Guide to Staying Fit.

Summer arrives once again. Time to strip off that old, decrepit sweater and get into a swanky, swimsuit (oh-la-la)! Turning to admire yourself in a mirror you see that a bit of blubber pokes out of your favorite swimwear( gasp* )! Don't worry it's normal to be a bit chubby after the winter months. After all ,we've been hiding in sweaters and chuffing down comfort food all winter long. Now that we are exposing a bit more of our figures in the summer, here are some easy ways to slim down.


Step 1:

Excercise for at least 30 minutes a day

This step is self explanatory.But for clarification this step does not mean do 20 jumping jacks and your done for the day. this step means get up off the couch go outside and jog/run/walk.  A fun, easy way I stay active is by going dancing frequently. Believe it or not by dancing at the club for an hour or so you can burn over 400 calories! Just a tip different types of excercise affect people in different ways.

here's a chart of excercises you can do and what areas of the body they affect. Use this chart to help you determine what exercise is best for getting rid of your unwanted blubber

Jogging -calves, thighs,glutes

Running -calves, thighs, glutes, lower back

Swimming (freestyle)-Abs, biceps,calves,glutes,upper back,pectorals,lower back,thighs

Dancing (regular medium intensity)-Thighs,calves,abs,triceps,glutes.

Tip : For people who have joint problems I would recomend swimming it's a much better all around work out and there is less strain on joints.

Step 2: Pay Attention to What You Eat

Pay attention to what you eat
You sit down and turn on the T.V.  During the commercial you absent-mindedly rummage through the fridge, take out a couple of items, and fix yourself a snack.  Realizing that your not as hungry as you thought you still eat the snack, convincing yourself that you just don't want to waste food. If this has ever happened to you it's time to do a reality check.
Here is a check list you can go through at the end of everyday before you go to sleep. Going through this list will help you be more food concious the next day.

1.Did i eat at least one veggie today?
2.What un healthy foods did i not need to eat?
3.Am i still hungry? 

Also be sure to remember that 55% of hunger actually comes from the need for water, so be sure to stay hydrated.
GO H20!


-Get 8 hours of sleep every night. It is a proven fact that the less sleep you have the more likely you are to go for comfort food.

-Packaged goods tend to contain unnatural preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. Both these ingredients are extremly unhealthy and should be avoided if at all possible.

-Try making a fruit smoothie, it's fast, fun, and a healty alternative to sodas. Plus, it's delicious!(I recommend strawberry)

Step 3: Keep Yourself Motivated

 Most people can find it hard to keep up with
Excercising on your own can be tedious and mind numbing, be sure to go with friends or join a yoga/fitness group. Do whatever you can to make trimming the fat fun!

Tips :

 - An easy excercise on the go is called the calf stretch. Basically you spread your legs a bit and stand on your tippy toes. Voi'la easy calf toner!

- Stretch before excercising! (Just so you dont pull anything <3 !)

-The mantra to get slim is :Eat less excercise more.

-Never go on a diet. On the short term it works but in the long run you actually hurt your digestive balance.

Read this guide and reamember it
Obesity is currently the #2 cause of preventable death in the United States
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