Guitar-Amazing Grace One Verse for Beginners No Chords




Introduction: Guitar-Amazing Grace One Verse for Beginners No Chords

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Hello I am gonna teach you how to play one verse of amazing grace on the guitar,In my previous guitar instructable I had made the basics check that before you check this one and this is no Chords so enjoy

Step 1: What Do We Need

We need a guitar (Pictured)

Guitar pick(Pictured)

An hour of time to get the hang of it if you are new to guitar (Not pictured)

Step 2: First Line

It goes like this we need the use for the 3rd,4th and 5th string In the first line and it goes

First:The upper 3rd and 4th strings slow like this I'm not holding the guitar because it would be hard to picture,Play the two strings free (free means by not putting string on any of the 4 columns that the guitar has above)

Step 3: First Line (Cont)

Then play the 3rd string and then quickly play the 2nd string fast then play the upper 2nd column with the 4th string like first play the 4th string then press your finger on the second upper column and play it

Step 4: Do the Same

Like just do the same that you did with the string you did before change the string and press it there and Join everything It will be better

Step 5: Beginning

Now play the beginning line that you played in the starting when you come to the recent part you just have to play the fourth string and take down your finger to the 3rd Lower column on the fifth string

Step 6: Line 2

Then as you did that moving column thing play the fifth string free then press it again on that string fast and this should be on 5th string 3rd column then play the 2nd string again two times free and quick then play on the fourth string free

Step 7: Almost Done

Then move to the 3rd string like play it free then put your finger to the second column and play then play the 4th string freely then sit play it back words the 4th string first then the second column and free

Step 8: Last

Play the beginning like only the first part and ta da you are done thank you please don't forgot to like follow and comment stay tuned for my other instructables

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    7 years ago

    Great lesson! Thanks for sharing!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Look into guitar tabs. it's a much better way to show off guitar finguring without music.


    7 years ago

    @Igioteno Thank you


    7 years ago

    @Rickharris sure I will look on it thanks