Introduction: Guitar Hero Guitar Disconnecting Fix

So, you just bought that nice used guitar hero guitar off of ebay, and when it arrived to you it just wouldn't connect to that USB dongle, so you think you just wasted 30€ down the drain. But there is a fix, and this fix will most probably work for the most of you as long as it starts to blink when pressing the start button...

What you will need:

  • A 220uF Capacitor Atleast Above 10 Volts
  • A 10 Torx Screwdriver
  • A Small Philipshead Scredriver
  • A Soldering Iron
  • (OPTIONAL: Solder Wick, it will help for desoldering the capacitor)

Step 1: Disassembling the Guitar


So Step 1:

  1. Flip the guitar over.
  2. Pull on the head release switch near the neck and remove it.
  3. Remove the batteries inside of it.
  4. Grab a torx 10 screwdriver
  5. Remove all of the screws in the locations as shown by the images with the red circles, there will be one under the "void warranty if removed" sticker.

Step 2: Cracking It Open

All screws removed? Good.

Step 2:

Carefully pry the guitar open with the strumbar facing down and screws up, this might take some fiddeling to get out but it shouldnt be too hard.

But don't just jank the thing off, the battery pack is connected to the board on the other side, so set it carefully to the side but still so that you can work with the guitar itself, as the wire probably isnt that long.

So the thing we want to get to is the board to the top left if the as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Changing the Capacitor Part 1

Okay, here is the tricky part, what you will need here is that small philips screwdriver, oh and also make sure that your soldering iron is hot, but dont go over 370 degress celsius as this will probably will destroy the trace that is holding the capacitor.

The capacitor we wanna get to is the 220uF 10v capacitor, it is the capacitor located closest to the middle of the board right next to the power cable.

Now grab your screwdriver and remove the circuit from the guitar itself, there are 2 screws on it as shown in the image: 1 to the very left and one next to the bunch of cables that goes out to the rest of the guitar.

After you have removed the board, flip it over and take a look at the image of the back, there should be 3 solder points under the cap, don't touch the one on the far left as it is for another component, but if you have some solder wick the two to the right are the ones you want to use it on- otherwise heat both of them up at the same and pull lightly on the capacitor on the other side. It will eventually fall out.

Step 4: Changing the Capacitor Part 2

(Sorry for some missing pics here, I broke part of PCB that held the cap because that I had to high temp as explained previously so I panicked while fixing it and didn't take any pictures.)

Okay, now grab your 220uF capacitor, it doesnt matter how much voltage it can take, as long as it fits on the board.

Insert the capacitor with the negative lead (NEGATIVE LEAD IS THE SHORT ONE OR THE ONE ON THE SIDE WITH WHITE ON IT) on the marked minus spot on the circuit board, melt the solder on the back, and push it fully through. Add more solder on the back and snip the leads...

(Image is the new cap I put in myself.)

Insert the batteries, and press the playstation or xbox button to power it on, if it starts to blink, you probably have succeeded, and you're done! Just need to reassemble it now :)

Step 5: Reassembly

To reassemble, just do everything backwards.


  1. Put the circuit board back in the guitar and screw it in.
  2. Attach the back plate to the guitar.
  3. Screw it back in.


Go now! Test your guitar my friend. You will probably enjoy the game

So, you like this tutorial? Give it a like or a share to a friend that might need it, oh and also, thanks for reading! :)