Introduction: Guitar Hero Microphone Teardown

Seven years passed since Band Hero (Guitar Hero spinoff) was released and yet, no one (according to my recent search) has a how-to on Guitar Hero mircophone disassembly.
My microphone got grounded static sound which forced me to search the Internet for ways to open it up. Sadly, what I found was sawing through, or hammering it.

Just follow the steps below..

Step 1: Removing the Grille

The microphone has no visible screws on its body so the first step would be like for any other microphone, through the grille.

Grab a cloth or rubber and wrap it around the grille. Just slowly yank it until it comes off.

Step 2: Removing the Silver Plastic Ring

The silver plastic ring has two screws on it and additional two holes for alignment to its body. It holds the mic's innards.

Just unscrew it and set it aside.

Step 3: Pull the Inside Parts

Last step would be pulling the inside parts.

It consists of two parts: a weight and the actual microphone.

(I already cut my wire on the image. I had to re-wire it due to grounding sound.)

Step 4: (Optional) Opening the Weight

The weight has four screws. It has a metal cylinder, well, for weight purposes.

Step 5: Putting Everything Back Together

Just follow the instructions in reverse order to put the microphone back.