Guitar Keychain



Introduction: Guitar Keychain

The images above is the final product after designing and printing the guitar Keychain.

Step 1: Design Your Object in Fusion 360

I used the program Fusion 360 to design a guitar keychain. To be able to make the figure of the guitar I used several circles and an elipse. Then I trimmed the extra lines and mirrored one side of the guitar to the other part.

Step 2: Mirroring

After I mirrored the other half of the guitar I draw the handle and made the circle of the middle.

Step 3: Extrude

Then I extruded the parts and used the fillet option for the back part of the handle.

Step 4: Convert the Fine Into a .stl File

Right click in the name of the Fusion 360 file in the Browser options and select the option Save as STL file.

Step 5: Printing

At last I printed the part in 3D.

Step 6: STL FILE

I provided the STL file above.

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    5 years ago

    That's a cute keychain :) It would be neat to paint it to look like wood.