Introduction: Guitar Neck Thickness Expander Fattener

ABS pipe rip-cut in half and shape using a utility oven set at 125 degrees farenheight to soften the ABS material in order to mold it to the back of the guitar neck's exact shape. (WARNING: it's possible to ruin a guitar neck by applying direct heat to it so use precaution and great discretion when doing anything like this. do the necessary research on your specific guitar to see what exact direct heat exposure it will safety endure before attempting to do this) Use masking tape to hold the heated soft malleable ABS onto the guitar neck as it cools, sets and harden's again (yes you must be swift about it otherwise it will cool & harden again before you get a chance to mold it) . the ABS will warp a little from the cooling and re-hardening process but this is not a huge problem as much sanding will be necessary to take the thickness of the prosthetic fattener to a moderated degree based on personal preference as well as to float the edges of the prostheses to meet the contours and radiuses between the actual guitar neck back and the thickener smoothly. This is as far as i have gotten with this but i'm confident that i've come up with something that will work for what i do. I have no advise on how to adhere it to the back of the neck... this instructional is intended to inspire collaboration and ideas for any and all who find it relevant to them... please share your thought s ideas and any questions