Introduction: Guitar Pick Holder

I was going to some ones house to play guitar with them and i wanted to bring some pics but I couldnt find my pic holder. So I was playing with a rubberband and I figured out a great way to kep my picks together.

Step 1: Get Your Guitar Picks and a Rubber Band

Im an using 3 picks but depending on the size of your rubber band it can hold a lot more.

Step 2: Now We Start

Put the rubber band on the guitar pick like in the picture.

Step 3: Twist It

Now twist the rubber band leavng a loop at the end.

Step 4: Wrap Around

Take the end with the loop and pull it around the the other side.

Step 5: Hook the Loop on the End

Now you hook the loop to the the pointy end.

Step 6: You Are Done :D

All done :) If you want you can hook a keyring ot a chain or something to the twisted part :)