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I made this Guitar Shaped Side Table with my X-Carve CNC Machine, but it can easily be made with a jigsaw or bandsaw and a router or chisel as well. It has a black walnut top and maple legs that are shaped like guitar necks. The stretcher at the bottom is a simple guitar string attached with guitar tuners. Watch my video then follow this Instructable to make one yourself!

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Step 1: Design and Carve the Guitar Top

I designed the top to be cut upside down, since it needs mortises on the underside. The drawing consists of a guitar shape that is flipped upside down with three rectangle pockets for the mortises. I glued up a black walnut panel and the X-Carve cut it out.

Step 2: Design and Carve the Legs (Necks)

I had previously made a guitar with the X-Carve, which you can watch here. I copied the neck and reduced the size of it for this project. I rotated the neck shape to an angle and added a tenon to the end. I positioned three of these so they could be cut out at once from a maple board. I used the band saw to sharpen the rounded corners on the tenons so they would fully insert into the mortises. One of the tuning peg holes is enlarged so that a standard guitar tuner will fit. (I got the tuners from the CB Gitty.)

Step 3: Assembly

I know it's not fun, but sand everything prior to assembly. I used wood glue to glue the legs into the underside of the top. Flip the table over and measure the height of the table in several places to make sure it is not leaning to one side. Pull the legs in or out to make the table the same height all around. Use a thick guitar string as a stretcher to keep the legs from spreading apart under load. Cut about a foot off the ball end of the string, then you can thread the remaining string through the grommet and tighten the three ends with the tuners with some gentle tension.

Step 4: Finished!

This was a fun project to make. I really like the delicate fine furniture look of the table along with the beautiful maple and black walnut wood figure. I think good wood selection goes a long way with this project. Thanks for checking out my Instructable and go make something cool!

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Thanks, Steve...

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