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Introduction: Guitar Tie Dye Shirt

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Hey momoluvers! It's Momo and today I'll be showing you how to make this really unique tie dye shirt. I haven't seen a lot of tutorials like this one, so I thought I'd make one myself! I hope you enjoy this and don't forget to vote ;)

Step 1: Supplies

1. Cotton t shirt
2. Scissors
3. Wooden skewer
4. Dye or dry powder
5. Plastic bag
6. Clothes hanger
7. Rubber bands
8. Tape
9. Pen or pencil

Step 2: Folding the Shirt

Lay the shirt as flat as you can and pinch the diagonal corners

Pull upwards and lay flat to begin working.

Step 3: Drawing the Guitar

Lightly sketch you guitar shape in pencil and outline it in pen if needed.

*Do not use sharpie. I used sharpie and it didn't come off.*

Step 4: Folding the Guitar Shape

Pinch the end of the sketch and begin walking your hand along the black line. While doing this, your line should become as straight as possible.

Break the wooden skewer in half and tape one end. Slide the bottom half underneath the black line and tape the other side of the skewer closed.

Step 5: Dyeing the Shirt

Put some of your preferred dye color into a plastic bag and cut a very tiny hole.

Slowly drag the dye bag along the skewer in a straight line.

Scrunch up the rest of the shirt and put rubber bands around it.

Let it sit overnight to allow the dye to sink in.

Step 6: The Next Day...

Remove the skewer and rubber bands and lightly unscrunch the shirt. You should reveal a guitar pattern that's super cool!

Hang up the shirt to dry for another 2-3 hours

Step 7: Cutting It Up

You can sit the shirt as you like, I'm cutting the bottom hem and neckline with a side fringe.

How to do the side fringe: cut horizontal strips along the side. Work from the bottom, cutting one strips in half, pulling the two pieces tight, and double knotting them together. Repeat all up the side.

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