Introduction: Guitar Hand

simple guitar wall mount, made from a few pieces of steel tubing, rubber, silicone, and a good idea.

Step 1: Step:1

First, we propose handles guitar (shape reminiscent index finger and thumb while holding the guitar) which should be approximately the size of your guitar neck at the narrowest point (ATTENTION TO THAT will add softened)

Step 2: Step:2 Testing

after bending and welding of the previous shape donning rubber staking is necessary as we try guitar holds the handle (hand) to demonstrate deployed even gloves

Step 3: Step:3 Welding Others Fingers

forming and welding the other fingers is not necessary, just put a glove on our foundation and fill some filler as nothing keeping those fingers. But I took the trouble with that all fingers are made of iron, so I přivařil rest nazohýbaných fingers beware that look like fingers on a hand, check whether the shape of the bracket compared to your real hands in the position of holding the guitar.

Step 4: Step:4 Staking

Sorry staking of my photos are preserved with it At least I'll try to describe: a steel broom hand we already have prepared, put on rubber fingers or other staking material (index finger and thumb to create a small groove in the rubber that fits into the head of the guitar) then put on a plastic glove which you can buy at any gas station or home cleaning. then fill with silicone or other flexible after vytrvrzení and Meko mass and shape the fingers when drying up, according to our ideas then let it dry throughout. (Put your gloves not to depend asymmetrically somehow flipped over and that really looked like dry hand after hand: D) then you can rip off the glove already you do not need. (sorry for the quality of the sealant I used to have an old wrong to dry, ripped out and caught the right shape.

Step 5: Step:5 Controll

I have now put in hand work glove again because the sealant was really ugly (foiled, using the old sealant expired.)

Step 6: Complete

finals can hand screw, for example, on a piece of wood into the wall, or as far as you like. I personally chose bolting on a piece of wood on which I put the old LP (it was broken into three pieces) taped together and draw the logo of my favorite bands (Anthrax) were hand screwed on and it was strung glove of dance;)

I wish you much success in the design of your third "hand": D