Introduction: Guitar Paint Renovation

Got tired from my old guitar appearance so I decided to renovate it

Step 1: Taking Off the Old Paint and the Sealer Layer

The realy hard work is getting rid of the old paint and the sealer layer.
As you can probably see, I dont have an electric sander so I used a 150p sandpaper. It takes alot of time but the it worth it, and the wood remain complete and smooth.

You know when you sanded dip enough when you see the wood's color. Try not going too dip.

Step 2: Drawind on the Wood

After you finished the hard work, now it's time for the fun part! use your imagination and draw whatever you wish for.
After you finish you can thicken the outlines with a permanent marker like I did, or even paint the whole thing.

Step 3: Restoring the Sealer Layer

Before you use your sealer, you need to cover the parts witch are already covered with a sealer layer (if you capt some), so you wont get lumps on the wood.
By using a maskentape you'll be able to do it easly.

Make sure that you are using a WATER BASED SEALER(!), otherwise the paint will get off while you spray.

Spray the guitar three times and let it dry for a few hours between each step.

Step 4: Finishing

After the finale layer is dry, your can enjoy playing your awesome guitar!

Keep in mind:

the sound of the guitar will probably change after the renovating (mine's somehow Improved ;) )

materials :

1. About 3m of 150p sandpaper.
2. Water based sealer.
3. A pencil and a marker.
4. Maskentape

Good luck :)