Introduction: Gulab Jamun

There are three ways to make Gulab Jamun.They are with Potatoes,Full cream milk powder,or  Condensed milk.
This is  with Condensed milk.It depends on the  correct mixing of the dough.The dough has to be sticky and soft.If not the Gulab Jamun will be hard.

This is a very sweet & delicious dessert. 
If you taste  once ,you will want more and more..........

Step 1: Ingredients

 1/2 lb Flour
50 Gr Butter
1/2 Tin Condensed milk (sweetened Milk)
1 Tea spoon baking. Powder

Sugar syrup.....
400 gr Sugar
2 Cups water
1 1/2 T spoon Rose essence

Step 2: Making the Dough

Pic 1 : Pour condensed  milk in a bowl

Pic 2 : Shift  flour and baking powder together and add flour gradually

Pic 3 : Mix well and. Knead.

Pic 4 : The  consistency should be sticky.At this point add the butter

Pic 5 : Once you knead well,make it in to a ball.

Pic 6 : Cover for about an hour with a soft wet cloth.(Squeeze the water out)

Step 3: Making the Syrup

Pic 1 : Add sugar and water leave it on a slow flame until it dissolves.

Pic 2 : Time  to time mix it with a wooden spoon.

Pic 3 : Add rose essence.

Step 4:

Now take out the cloth and knead well................

Make small  balls  with your palms.The size of the ball should be a little bigger than a Marble.Please make sure that there are no cracks on the balls. If Not it will Break While frying.

Step 5:

Pic 1 :Fry them until golden colour

Pic 2 .Strain the oil and transfer it to  a tissue.The Balls will become a little bigger once you fry them.

Step 6:

Pic 1 : Now add the Gulab jamuns to the sugar syrup which is on a slow fire.

Pic 2 : Switch off the fire and let it simmer a few minutes.The Gulabjamun  will absorb the sugar syrup.

 If it is hard then you have not got the correct mixture.

Step 7:

Let it cool

ENJOY!! With your Favoriten ice crem or Yoghurt.


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