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Introduction: Gumball Bows

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A clip in hairbow with gumball accents.

Experiment with different color combination. Think bright colors!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

An assortment of ribbons from 2" wide to 3/8" wide.
Hot Glue
Metal Hair Clips
Sharp Knife
Gorilla Hook (or something about the same gauge)
Gumballs! regular size and the small size.

Step 2: Cut and Paste

Take your regular size gumball and cut it in half.
I put it on a bunched up towel on a flat surface and firmly sliced it with a good sharp knife. BE CAREFUL!

Cut your wider ribbon - I started with about 16" to make my bow. The width of the whole bow was about 4"
Tie into a nice bow. Cut the bottom of your strands to even lengths. You can cheat by hot gluing bits to hold down the loops or position just right.

Cut your skinner ribbon and tie a smaller bow. Leave the strands a little long because you will tie a knot in them later. 

Hot glue it on top of your bigger bow.

Then, hot glue your half gumball on the center of the bow. Don't press the gumball too hard, it will crack  ( -__- )

Step 3: String It

This is the more difficult part.

Take a small needle and pierce a small gumball. Go ahead and poke it all the way through.
Use that little hole as a guide to shove a larger gauge needle or wire on both sides.
This will make it wide enough to pull your ribbon through.
Thread the ribbon into the eye of the needle (the best you can, just get a corner in )
Then, pull it  hard to get it through the gumball.
Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon and repeat on the other strand and match your lengths.

Step 4: Attach Clip

Your bow is completed now

Attach the metal hair clip with hot glue.
Be careful to keep the other side of the alligator clip away from the hot glue so you don't glue both pieces of it.

Step 5: Wear

Enjoy your new bow that you made yourself!

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