Introduction: Gummy Bear Smoothie

Brief instructions on creating a gummy bear fruit smoothie.

Special thanks go to Mitsi for her initial twittered idea for a Reese's cup omelet which spawned a series of Twitters that turned into this glorious piece of culinary masterwork.

Step 1: Getting Started

To make this culinary delight, I used:
1 pound of gummy bears
1 banana
a quantity of frozen fruit (I eyeballed this part)
2 cups of whole milk
4 scoops of rainbow sherbet
a quantity of ice (also eyeballed) (not pictured)

I think all told this cost me about 15 dollars at Meijer. Most people probably have milk and fruit in their house. I didn't.

Step 2: Melting Bears

Throw the bears in a small cooking vessel and put it on the stove. Turn the heat to a low/medium setting.

The bears are going to begin to melt very rapidly. Watch them.

Seriously, watch them. They're going to get all gloppy and runny. It's pretty fun.

Once the bears start melting, you can stir them up to watch the melting accelerate.

Step 3: Prepping Your Blender

Honestly, I suggest you do this while the bears are melting or else you'll have to move pretty fast.

Throw everything else in the blender. Just dump it all in there in a big mess.

Step 4: Pour in the Bears!

Pour in the gummy bear glop. It's going to be really slow moving, so you'll probably want to spoon it in there. As soon as you have it in the blender, throw the top on and get that blender fired up.

Be forewarned: if the gummy goop gets settled around the blades, things may smell like burning electronics because the blades will have a difficult time turning. If that happens, you'll have to turn of the blender (duh) and shove a spoon or something down in there to get the gunk away from the blades.

I also recommend pouring some exceptionally hot water into the cookie device you used. That goop took a while to come off.

Step 5: Enjoy!

After you have blended furiously for a few minutes and sworn thoroughly at this goop, it's time to drink it. YUM!

This tastes exactly like you would expect mixed fruit and gummy bears to taste.