Introduction: Gummy Shark Catch and Cook

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Gummy Shark Catch and Cook, caught from the Indian Ocean off the coast of Perth, Western Australia!!! Cooked with a little bit of Thai inspired cuisine!!!
MAIN INGREDIENT: Gummy Shark INGREDIENTS: Galangal ,Kaffir-Lime Leaves ,Ginger ,Garlic ,Minced Lemongrass ,Coriander and Coriander root ,Sweet Basil Leaves ,Green Curry paste ,Red Curry paste ,Chilli paste with Soy Bean Oil ,Coconut Milk ,Fish Sauce ,Stringless Beans ,Bamboo Shoots and Green Peas!!! Half cook the Gummy Shark in boiling water with some Galangal and Kaffir-Lime leaves to take out the fishy taste. Using either Peanut Oil ,Rice Bran Oil or Grapeseed Oil stir fry the rest of the ingredients including more Galangal and Kaffir-Lime leaves add the Gummy Shark ,when cooked serve on a bed of rice with Coriander and Sweet Basil Garnish. Delicious!!!!!!