Gun Ghillie Wrap

Introduction: Gun Ghillie Wrap

I got a ghillie kit off (burlap strands) and 4x6 netting from plus i had some extra burlap laying around that i will have to dye and add as well later on

Step 1: Beginning the Long Process

I didn't tie knots in the ghillie fabric that way its easy for my to change colors later. I took ten strands of the ghillie fabric for each group of fabric yes it took forever to make sure i had ten in each i have OCD LOL

Step 2: Patience, Something I Don't Have

So hours into making the gun ghillie this is what i have

Step 3: 7 Hours Later

Almost done just adding the finishing touches

Step 4: Finally Finished

This took forever (8hr) to make but i love the way it came out. I have a few more instructables that i will be posting in the days to come i hope you guys like it and let me know what you think in the comments

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