Introduction: Hidden Gun Cabinet

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In this tutorial you will learn how to make an ordinary picture a gun safe spot and hiding place. Let's gather your necessary materials.

Materials :
one large picture
a 5 foot by 10 foot pallet
2 inch exterior screws
circular saw
2 piano hinges
wood clamps
measuring tape

Step 1: Separate Pallet Boards

We used a 5' x 10' pallet from the coal mine.... Seperate the boards

Step 2: Cut Boards to Size

Cut 2 5' boards, 2 4' boards, 8 30.5" boards and 1 3' board.

Step 3: Assembly of Frame

Begin assembling frame by screwing the 3' boards to the 5' boards like picture #1 in this step. After you have them secure lay the 30" boards inside the frame as in picture #2 and nail them to the 3' boards.

Step 4: Hang Frame on Wall

Since this was going on a concrete wall in the basement, we screwed it in place with 1/2 inch 4 inch long bolts between floor joists. Since it was secure, we went ahead and planned what guns were going here and made proper securing hooks with screws and straps. We used what materials we had here but safety first when guns are being stored so secure them in a manner that leaves no room for an accident. Take your guns down and grab your picture to hang.

Step 5: Hang Picture With Hinges

Now we prepare the picture to hang on the frame by screwing the piano hinges to the wood of the picture frame. Screw hinges a foot from each frame side at the top of picture frame . Position picture and screw hinges on the 3' board. the picture should lift up to expose your hidden gun cache. Check out my other Instructables and if you like this one cast a vote our way in the contest . Thanks for looking.

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