Introduction: Gutter Garden

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This is an instructable of making a gutter garden which will save a lot of time watering and used less water.

Step 1: Items


  1. Gravels (enough to fill about 2" of height of the gutter)
  2. Aquarium filter mesh
  3. Rain gutter
  4. 5" of 1/2 PVC tube (or any size)
  5. Compost soil


  1. A drill with #7 bit (or any size of bit as long as the hole doesn't get cloggedwith dirt and let the excess water flowed)
  2. A garden spade
  3. A pair of gloves

Step 2: The Making

  1. Firstly, I drilled a hole at one end (prefer the left end) of the gutter approximately 2" from the base. The hole will act as a drainage for the excess water.
  2. Then, I fill the gutter with the gravels until 2" of height.
  3. I placed the PVC tube up-right at the another end (prefer the right end) of the gutter.
  4. Next, I lay the filter on top the gravel.
  5. I finished the process with a layer of soil and finally, I plant some greens.


  • For watering the plants, I will pour the water into the tube and stop when the excess water starts flowing through the hole.
  • It will be a while before you need to water the plants.
  • Beside using the gutter garden to plant greens, I also use it as a nursery for banana seedling and other plants before transplant on the ground.

Step 3: A Staggered Option

If you have a limited space, you can opt for a staggered layout of your gutter garden. It will be some time before you'll need to refill the water reservoir. This layout is aquaponic-ready.


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