Introduction: Gutter Salad Tongs

About: former carpenter turned computer draftsman

I have a maple tree out front. You know, sheds keys in early summer, and leaves in late fall. Ther's another thing it gives...which is syrup in the early spring, but that's another post. Well it just so happens that every fall, after all or most of the leaves have fallen, that i have to clean the eaves trough - full of maple leaves, keys and pine straw. I generally used the garden trowel and hand cultivator, but mor often then not, I was using them like tongs...That's when I got the idea to actually use salad tongs to grasp the fall foliage fermenting in the trough

Step 1: Use Old Salad Tongs

Open up the old salad tongs, but not to the point that they may come apart, and reach into the gutter and close them in on the debris. Hopefully they are close to the same with as the gutter

Step 2: Grasp a Tong Full of Debris

Pull out a tong full of debris, hopefully it is more than you could pull out with your hands

Step 3: ​Drop the Debris in an Old Drywall Mud Bucket

Drop the debris in an old drywall mud bucket, or equivalent, hanging from your ladder on a stick or dowel. repeat for the other hand as far as you can reach, then move ladder along. Dispose of debris in compose heap for yard waste. lots of organic nutrients in Gutter Salad...enjoy