Introduction: Guy Fawkes Mask in Origami

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Here I show you how to fold a Guy Fawkes mask, like the one worn by V in "V for Vendetta". You will need 2 things:

1) A square of paper, black on one side, white on the other
2) Intermediate origami skill. I won't be covering that here. I recommend Stephen O'Hanlon's online primer:

I apologize for the crude hand-drawn figures. Since I vowed to submit the design while it was still in vogue, I needed to work at such a velocity that the validity of the proportions of this handmade "vector art" and the veracity of its virtual scale are vague.

Video: (Part 1) (Part 2)

larger pics of the diagrams can be found at
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With that said, let's begin!

Step 1: "Step 1" - Getting Started.

a) Starting with the black side up, make two rabbit ears.
b) This is called the "fish base". Squash fold.
c) Reverse fold out the hidden corner.
d) Repeat b,c, on the left.
e) Valley fold the bottom point up to the tops of the squares.
f) Undo.

Step 2: Tip: Look at the Next Step to Figure Out What You're Supposed to Do in the Current Step.

a. Squash fold the bottom flap so that the resultant flap has one vertical edge, one horizontal edge, and one edge aligned with the edge behind.
b. Swivel-fold the flap to the left
c. Pull out the hidden edge
d. Like this.
e. Squash fold the triangular flap.
f. Petal fold the corner down
g. Like this.

Step 3: Nose

a. Fold the top point down to the widest part of the kite-shaped flap.
b. Fold back up along the tops of the square flaps.
c. Ctrl+Z. I mean Undo.
d. Crimp fold the tip inside.
e. Like this.
f. Partially undo the tip and form a rabit ear...
g. Like this. The triangular nose bottom should coincide with the bottoms of the square flaps.

Step 4: Eye

a. Valley-fold down the two corners.
b. Fold the eyes down, this will pull some of the edge from the flap above it.
c. Partial unsink - the nested layer...
d. ... so that the bottom eyelid mirrors the upper eyelid. This will require indenting the corner at the right. Also, swivel fold the small inner corner.
e. Like this. Repeat on the left side.

Step 5: "A Lot of People Think the Eyes Are What It's All About, I Find It's the Forehead." --- Derek Zoolander.

a. Valley-fold the inner corners of the brow to outward.
b. Fold the shallow point down.
c. Like this.
d. Crimp the nostril areas and fold the corner inward
e. Like this.

Step 6: Beard

a. (Focus on the lower part) Fold the top two corners outward, exposing the black.
b. Fold the bottom two edges inward, exposing some more black in the shape of a necktie.
c. Pleat the two flaps slightly, so that you form an upturned shallow V.
d.This will be a smile. Like this. *smile*
e. Yes, like this. You see what I've done here?

Step 7: "Such a Handsome... Moustache..." ---Uma Thurman (Adventures of Baron Munchausen)

a. Crimp the sides of the moustache so that the moustache bends outward horizontally.
b. Fold the top edges in slightly, exposing the black.
c. Like this. Almost done!

Step 8: Voila!

a. fold the sides and "cheeks" in to the proper shape.
b. Fold the forehead and chin behind a little bit, tuck in the eyebrows to expose some black paper, and slightly open the eyes in a sly expression. Give him some wrinkles by his eyes.
c. Continue to shape the face until it looks like V's mask. Feel free to make changes, modify and improvise this to your own delight. As long as you don't cut, you're cool. Google Image search is your friend. So am I, but I won't be able to answer individual "how did you get past step 'n' "-type questions.

Thanks for watching, and I look forward to seeing your origami V faces everywhere!
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