Introduction: Gyalaz0 / Abus3r

About: just a hobbist

This is an automated random sentence generator robot, controlled by a Raspberry pi 4 (with motion sensor).
In this case I use it to create abusive sentences, because I like learning for fun, and profanity in the hungarian language believe me... it is fun :D


  • Raspberry pi
  • a passive infrared sensor (A189 PIR)
  • a servo motor (A169 micro servo)
  • min 10x10x10 cm foam rubber
  • a lego figure
  • a wirstwatch's screws
  • model drill
  • model angles
  • speaker for the Raspberry
  • some python programming skills
  • some linux skills
  • a little creativity

Step 1: Installing the Pi, Setting Up the Parts

First you need to setup the pi, install os on it, you can find the documentation here.
After this, connect the servo and the motion sensors and test it. There are two simple test python file: test-motion-sensor, and test-servo-motor.

The connections and the raspi header informations are not clear for me, but you can look after it here.

Step 2: Write (paste) the Code

There will be two python file, the first one ( controls the pi and its parts, the second one ( will be which is called when the pir got the motion.

You can download everything from here: You also need the espeak speech synthesis program, you can download it from here.

The src folder contains the dictionary files, change whatever you want.

(I am not a real programmer, so there are some problems with the code, but who cares :D Change it as you want.)

Step 3: Assemble in Real Life

When your code is working, you need to create the things in real life. For this I use a foam rubber cube, it is easy to shape.

  • cut the foam to an expected shape
  • drill a hole for the pir sensor
  • cut out the sensor and the servo motor shape
  • install the lego figure to the servo motor (I used a modell drill to drill holes in the figures leg, and an old wirstwatchs screws...)
  • put things together

Step 4: Pimp the Cube

When it is done, and everything is working fine, get your creativity, and beautify the cube. In my case I used a chinese cloth ornament, because that was in my house.

  • cut out the shape for the cube sides
  • fix it to the sides with the angles
  • cut out the shape for the top (beware of the lego figure shape
  • fix it to the top

That is all! Put the pi to anywhere, start the program and wait for your victim.