Introduction: Gypsy Desk for Officies Peripateticians - Office Black Opps Surviving Tip

What is the problem?
Well, I must admit that I am one of those persons who are renting their reproductive organs for money: time of my brain. I have to go to strange places, filled with strange peoples and fight for basic resources such as:
- An access badge.
- A project computer.
- A working user account.
- A set of production softwares.
- A place to sit.
- A chair in an acceptable hygienic state.
- The location of the next coffee corner, mensa, toilets the printer (in this order).
- An adjustable height desk.

If something is missing, I am angry. It gives me neck pain and you don't want to work with me when I am angry. 

The last one is funnily hard to get. Furthermore, as any other peripatetic worker, I have to move to a new corner on a regular basis. My back pain doesn't allow me to move my desk.

What is the mission?
- Getting rid of neck pain
- I want to make it low cost.
- I want it movable.
- I want to find it on all operation terrain.
- I don't want to have it in my luggages.

What do you need?
- The location of the next printer paper trash bin.
- A laptop, an external keyboard and a mouse.
- Balls, ovaries... or whatever push you to take the decision to look stupid. 

Total cost of the project:
- Well... it is office supply-based. As all office supply, this has to be stolen. Furthermore this tip is guaranty 100% green-washed, recycled etc. 

What is the solution?
1 - Go to your printer room.
2 - Find the paper stock, or look at the trash bin, pick a stack of 2-3cm of paper. 
3 - Take/empty a cardboard box of reams of paper. I suggest to pick the A4 ones for a 1,80 m person. Take 1 or 2 top part(s) too if  available.
4 - Go back to your workplace and put the cardboard on the desk, with the opening facing you.
5 -  Put your laptop on the top of it and check that the top of the screen is more or let at your eyes level.
6 - No you are ready to work.
7 -  Go get a coffee and enjoy the face of the co-workers. 

You can play with the orientation of the cardboard, use tops parts or the old papers to adjust the height. Look at the picture to see how I place it. 
If you are lucky, you can place the lid as a drawer and stock your computer accessories, office supplies... The inner part of the box is suited to display important yellow stickers, note books, pens...
You are free to add some stickers, Dilbert print outs... mark your private space as long as it doesn't smell and imply corporal fluids. 

Need to move?
1 - Put your stuff in the lid.
2 - Put the lid in the box.
3 - Take the box in your arms.
4 - Follow the two nice security fellows to the entry of the building.
5 - Call a taxi.

Bonus tip:
Always keep some office supplies, yellow sticker and stuff inside it so that the cleaning service is not trashing it. If trashed: go get a new one...

Gluonnement vôtre... I know, I changed your life today.

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