Introduction: HACKED!: Portable DVD Player

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In this small project I will show you how I "hacked" an old portable DVD player. It did not have a video input which makes it pretty much useless, because who watches DVDs nowadays? I took a look inside the player and found a way to input my video signal anyway. Feel free to use my method to "hack" your own portable DVD player.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video will show you how I did this small "hack". But I will give you a small explanation what you should do when you open your own player.

Step 2: Identify the Boards!

If you do not have the same player it will have other boards and other components. it is always a good idea to identify those boards and know what they do in the circuit. This way it is easier to assume where you can input a signal or tap a signal. When you know which ICs do the main jobs it is time to search for the datasheets or reverse engineer those.

Step 3: Search for the Datasheets!

I found the datasheets for the main processing IC and the LCD driver board IC pretty easily. After I looked through those it was a easy job to input my own video signal.

Step 4: Success!

If you did all the steps correctly then you should be able to hack your own portable DVD player....hopefully.

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