Introduction: HALJA Tracking Robot

Hello, everyone to my viewers and today we are going to be making a HALJA tracking robot. If you find this interesting and want to make one of these to yourself here is an Amazon link to where you can go buy it.

Step 1: Materials

There are some things that you are going to need before you are going to start the robot. So the extra things that you will need are going to be a soldering kit which is a device that connects wires together and you will also need a clean workspace. In the package, you are also going to be getting a small paper which is going to be a link and these are the instructions.

Step 2: Video Notes

Making this robot in every step is going a very hard task so to make it easier for the viewers I have made a 10-minute video which includes everything that you need to complete this project to be successful. So now I am going to explain the steps into words. In those first steps put the wiring correctly because this is going to be the most important part of the whole robot. After this, you will be needing to heat up the soldering iron and get the soldering wire ready because the next step is going to be-be to soldering the wires into the metal wires. For this step, please watch the video because that shows how this is done.