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This is a tutorial on how to make a Harley Quinn mask out of an existing plastic craft mask. It can be altered to be cut into any shape mask that you desire! Enjoy!


Supplies List:

  • Dremel Tool with the following attachments: Bit changing wrench, 1/16" Drill bit (or approximate), Cutting bit (for plastic), Sandpaper bits
  • Sand Paper - Fine Grit, and Extra fine grit
  • Heat Gun (low temperature)
  • Scisscors
  • Xacto/Craft Knife
  • Clear double-stick tape
  • Sharpie (or other fine-tipped permanant marker) in a color able to be seen on the back surface of the mask

Safety Supplies:
  • Sturdy work surface
  • Particle or Respirator Mask
  • Saftey Goggles/Glasses

Step 2: Step 1: Print, Cutout, and Tape Template

1. Print template
2. Trace template on tissue paper, and cut out around the outside (and inside eye holes if there are not correct eye-shaped holes in your mask. 3. Cut out template (including eye holes if cutting out eye holes on mask).
4. Remove any ties or elastics from mask.
5. Use double stick tape to tape tissue paper inside of mask, making sure it is centered. 6. Using Sharpie marker in a color able to be seen on the back side of the mask, trace around the template on the inside of the mask. Remove the template.

Step 3: Step 3: Cut Out Mask

NOTE: During most Dremel tool use, you'll be using the highest speed setting
7. Using a Dremel tool (or something similar), drill holes around the outsie edges of about 1/16" away from the traced lines on the mask. 8. Using the Cutting Bit on the Dremel tool (you could also use a small saw or something similiar), start cutting along the traced lines from the back side of the mask. Make sure you keep the Dremel tool at a 90 degree angle to the surface you're working on, so that it doesn't bevel one way or another (you can do this later if desired).

Step 4: Step 4: Sand/Smooth Mask

NOTE: Be careful while cutting out the mask, the plastic tend to melt a bit, and small bits of hot plastic can go flying. You may want to wear long articles of clothing (make sure they're not loose so they don't get causght in the Dremel while it spins), and/or gloves to prevent being burned by these pieces.
NOTE: Plastic from the mask can become melted onto the cutting bit of the Dremel tool. If this happens, turn off Dremel tool, and remove the plastic with your hands, or use something to pry it off the bit. 9. Once the mask is cut out, use the sandpaper bit on the Dremel, and smooth the edges of the mask. If there are any extra bits handing off, use the Xacto/craft knife to cut it off. At this point, you can also make a beveled edge on the edge of the mask if you like. Continue sanding using the Dremel, then use fine sandpaper, and then super fine sandpaper to continue smoothing the edges.

Step 5: Step 5: Fix Any Scratches / Paint

10. Using the paint pen, fix any scratches that may have happened during your work. You may also choose to spray-paint (be sure to sand, and prime it first) the mask.

Step 6: Step 6: Heat Mold Mask

11. Using the heat gun, use a back and forth movement to evenly heat the entire mask. Do not heat it until it is too hot to touch (you're going to be putting it on your face). Once it's warm enough, take the mask and place it in the correct position on your face, and mold it to the shape of your face. Hold it in place until it is cooled.

Step 7: Step 7: Apply Mask

12. Using spirit gum, attatch the mask to your face. When finished, use spirit gum remover to remove the mask or any leftover spirit gum from your face.

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    8 years ago

    Pretty cool. It helps that I love the character!