Introduction: HARRY Amigurumi

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This is my version of the LEGENDARY BIGFOOT, aka sasquatch. This guy has huge feet & a huge heart. I like to think of this mysterious beast as a friendly misunderstood creature rather then a menacing monster; so I named him "HARRY" after one of my favorite childhood movies, "Harry & the Hendersons" .I began writting up the pattern then decided it was getting a little more complicated to describe then I had intisipated. Instead I've provided a brief description of my process for the making of my sasquatch & included a helpful technique that I use for making HARRY amigurumi characters. 

*The loop stitch is one of my favorite crochet stitches. It is very fun & easy to do. It's a very effective way of giving your creatures a furry or shaggy look. I left my stitches as loops but you can also cut them depending on the look you want. For any of you avid amigurumi artists out there that want to learn more you can check out this link.


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