I was inspired to to this project when I stumbled upon a link on the RPF. Before that I had always wanted to have a clone trooper helmet, and now I had found away. I would like to say Thanks to Timbo, a blogger who helped me through this by answering many of my questions.Here is the link to his website.

So without further delay lets get to making an accurate clone trooper helmet!

Step 1: Materials

So, to start out you will need materials. Here is a list of all the tools/materials you might need.

1. Hasbro clone trooper helmet


3. bondo spot putty

4. Contact cement

5. Painters tape

6. Primer spray paint

7.white spray paint spray paint

9. Gray spray paint

10.sanding paper, fine and coarse

11.DREMEL tool (and or other sanding devices)

Step 2: Starting the Project

Now the helmet must be prepared for work.

Step 1. Disassemble the helmet.

Step 2. Cover visor in painters tape.

Step 3. Reassemble the helmet. (glue helmet together)

Step 3: Bondo

Use bondo to fill in all cracks and hole throughout the helmet. The largest places are under the cheek plates, and by the ears. Fill in every space you feel needs to be filled. Remember is your project, go crazy! (Make sure to sand and clean it every time you apply bondo)

Step 4: Visor

  • The visor is the most important part, It is ugliest thing about the helmet. Now what I did was I printed up a template from the RPF, marked the areas where I would fill with bondo, then filled it in.

Step 5: Primer

Now give it a coat of primer. Try to do even coats, (remember lots of thin coats are better than thick ones!)

Step 6: Finer Bondo

Now add a finer Bondo to fill in in all the scratches, and holes. (the out come of the helmet will be much better if you fill all the pin holes) Then spray paint it again with primer.

Step 7: White Paint!!

Then give the helmet a couple coats of white paint. Boy is it looking better already, eh.

Step 8: Customize

This next step is for you! paint your own designs.As you can see I customized it to my taste.

Step 9: Tips and FQAs

types of paint

I used all sort of paint, mostly just plastic spray-paints but some acrylic afterwards. unfortunately I have no pictures of the panting poses because I was busy.

Tips on painting

Since this was one of my first experiences with spray paint I have one tip, DON'T PUT ON THICK COATS OF PAINT!

what to look for in a helmet.

When purchasing the helmet or deciding which one to use, try to find one that has sides that match up well. over time many of these helmets will become misshapen. if they are like that when you get them glue the halves together really well, this will save you lots of trouble.


Over all for me this cost about 90$ Canadian, but I had to purchase every material.

Dose this make a good gift

Of course it dose, lots of people love the helmets especially when there huge star wars fans.

Over all thanks for viewing this post and I hope it helps you achieve your dreams...

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