Introduction: HASHED Hash Brown WAFFLE

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Sometimes you will need that convenience and speed in making a quick meal, and sometimes you just need a twist for a traditional item. This instructable fits in both categories.

I really like hash browns for breakfast, and will always have frozen ones in my freezer. However sometimes cooking a full breakfast can take a lot of time, and sometimes I just want my hash browns in some other ways. This recipe is fast, simple, can be prepared ahead, and also very yummy.


You will need a mixing bowl, a fork, knife, a

Step 1: Ingredients

Ingredients (yield about 2 waffles depending on the size and thickness):

Frozen hash brown 4 pieces

Eggs 2 ea

Bacon 2 middle bacon strips

Cheese block or shredded cheese to your own liking

Other optional ingredients: eg canned corn, frozen peas etc

You can substitute bacon with ham or spam, and can add any other ingredients you want as well.

Step 2: Preparation

1. Put your bacon in a non sticky frying pan, and slowly cook it on medium heat.

2. Turn the bacon to the other side till both sides are crispy and brown.

3. Put the bacon on some kitchen towel and take away excess oil.

4. Chop the cooked bacon into bacon chucks.

5. You can chop some cheese cubes or shred some cheese. Here I used block cheddar, but you can put any type of cheese you like.


- If you want a quick breakfast the next morning, these preparation can be done the night before.

- If you don't have time the night before, substitute cooked bacon chunks with ham or spam.

- You can also use packed shredded cheese to save more time.

Step 3: De-construct Your Hash Brown

Sometimes if I know I want hash brown waffles the next morning, I will take out the hash browns from the freezer and put them in the fridge. However if you didn't defrost it earlier, you can quickly heat your frozen hash brown for about 20-30 seconds in the microwave to make it softer.

Once they're soft it can be broken apart very easily either by hand or by a fork.

Here I used a fork and broken them into pieces and chunks. Please don't worry about bigger chunks in your mixing bowl, they will be broken down when cooking.

Step 4: Mix Your Hash-waffle-brown Batter

1. Put in 2 eggs into the hashed hash brown and mix them well.

2. Put in your cheese in the mixing bowl as well. I like keeping my cheese in bigger pieces as they will brown and crisp up when cooking, but finely shredded cheese will make a good product as well.

3. Put in your chopped bacon chunks or chopped ham/spam.

4. You can add salt & pepper, however as bacon, hash brown and cheese have salt in them already I normally don't add extra salt. If you're using a less saltier meat then you can adjust the seasoning yourself.

Step 5: Cooking

1. Heat up your waffle maker. After the light turned green (or indicates ready to put in batter), put half of the mixture into the waffle maker.

2. Flatten the batter with the back of a fork to evenly distribute the mixture.

3. Close the lid on the waffle maker, and adjust the heat you want. For my machine I would prefer a medium high heat for the extra crispy on the outside.

NOTE: you can also use a normal sandwich press, but waffle maker ends with a much crunchier finish.

Step 6: Take Out the Waffle

For my waffle maker, it will take about 3 min to finish 1 waffle. However time and heat setting is completely different depending on different machine, I would recommend you to start with medium heat for 2-3 min and check the colour and crispiness. You can always increase the heat and cook longer.

After you're satisfied with your waffle, turn off the heat and carefully use a spatula to transfer it on a plate.

I normally serve mine with freshly grinded black pepper and ketchup. However you can put any sauce you like.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Now you've had a "full breakfast" all-in-one package: hash brown, egg, bacon, cheese...

Once I've made this for lunch and put extra cheese, tomato and ham in between the waffles to make them into a sandwich, and it's also really delicious!

Use your own creativity to add other ingredients/herbs/condiments with this recipe. It is not just an all-in-one when we think about ingredients, it's also an "all-in-one" when it comes to taste, nutrition, and convenience. I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and have fun making breakfast this weekend :)

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