HASS CNC Lathe Costume, With Coolant Spill!

Introduction: HASS CNC Lathe Costume, With Coolant Spill!

About: Gabrielle Patin reporting for duty.

In order to bring attention to shop safety and what not to do in a workshop, Pier 9's Workshop staff dressed up as shop disasters for Halloween. 

I went as our CNC HASS Lathe with a coolant spill out the back. Inspired by true events.


Vinyl Printer
Image Editor

Adhesive backed Vinyl
Turquoise tulle

Step 1: Pictures

Capture the major elements of the tool. In the case of the Lathe, the door, control panel and ST left hand labeling seemed to be the main elements that stood out from the front end. In the back, I snapped a picture of the coolant pump area. 

Step 2: Illustrator

Next, I opened up the files in Adobe Illustrator. I re-sized and combined the images so that they would fit on the cardboard of my costume. This required me to add an extra boarder, that matched the machine gray, around the images.

Step 3: Vinyl Printer

Next, I brought the reworked images into VersaWorks and printed them on our Vinyl Printer. I was sure to double check the correct material was in the Vinyl Printer.

Step 4: Stick Vinyl to the Cardboard.

I got help (Thanks Tess!) and stuck the images to the cardboard sections. I used squeegees to get the air bubbles out of the vinyl.

Step 5: Assemble.

Finally I attached the two sections with rope and stapled Turquoise tulle to the back side to simulate the Coolant Spill. 

Conclusion: Please make sure you are aware of how much coolant your CNC machine can hold and how much coolant you are pumping into it. Also, remember to open the back panel to watch the coolant level rise in the coolant tray. I highly suggest you purchase the coolant level monitor option when specking your CNC machine.

Special Congrats to Shop Staff for winning the Best Group Costume on Halloween!

Safe Workshop use to all!


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