Introduction: HC-05(bluetooth) Module for Home-automation Basic

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In my last project, I was controlling LED using a push button but in this project i have replaced PUSH BUTTON with HC-05 module.

I strongly recommend to go through these projects before continuing with this project. You will get all the details in this instructable also but it may confuse a beginner.

Link to project using push button - Lcd Project With Led on or OFF With Arduino.

Link to control LED using HC-05 -Getting Started With HC-05

Link to download application - on Amazon playstore

Link of project from where i got this application - application developer project link

Step 1: Components Required

1. Arduino -

2. HC-05 module -

3. LCD 16X2 -

4. Potentiometer 10 K -

5. 220 ohms resistor( x 2) -

6. LED -

7. Connecting wires -

8. Breadboard -

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Arduino Code