Introduction: HDD BRIEFCASE

This instructable is a way of repurposing HDD drives as storage units.

Step 1: Materials

Getting all materials and components for the instructable ready.
Power Pack
SATA power cable
AC power cable
DC fans
SATA to USB extension cable.

Drilling holes on the proposed briefcase. Fan, AC holes.

Step 2: Parts Assembly

Now fix all components to its desired position and fasten with either hot glue or screws. This involves the installation of the HDD SATA drives.
Also do same to the power pack which will serve as AC power supply.

Step 3: Finished

Wire all drives, fans to the power pack. The red wire is that of 5v, yellow 12v, orange 3.3v, black is GND Or - wire. The 3.3v wire is not needed cause am making use of 3.5" HDD drives which requires only 5v and 12v to power unlike that of the 2.5" which requires only 5v and 3.3v. Make sure all connections are made properly so as to prevent the whole circuit from frying. Test Run coming soon

Step 4:

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