Introduction: HDD - Speaker

I was wondering what can i do with an old hard drive. An instructable has enspired me. Its simple and you don`t need special tools for this instructable.

Step 1: Things...

Fisrt what you need:
1. Screwdriver
2. HDD
3. Speaker Amplifier

Step 2: Opening the HDD

Take the screws out and open the case.
Take out the disks and the motor.
If it works better without the first magnet take it out.

Step 3: The Final Step

Put the wires and glue them in place. You have several places to put the wires. Dosen`t matter how you put + and -.

Step 4: And Is Working

Here is a demo of what i did. Now i am planing to make a new thing that i see here on instructable with a HDD.