HDD to SSD Laptop Upgrade

Introduction: HDD to SSD Laptop Upgrade

Do you have an old laptop you want to upgrade and make usable. switching an old HDD on a laptop to an SSD can help improve your laptop speed significantly.

An HDD is a memory system that uses a physical disk spinning to save data. Changing to an SSD will allow you to use a digital memory system which is much faster.

Most people think that to make this upgrade you have to be good with computers. This is not the case, to make this upgrade all you will need to be able to do is unscrew a couple of screws and unpulg and replug a component.

In the end this upgrade helped shorten my computer boot time from 50s to nearly 25s.

NOTE: This process will erase all your data be sure to back up your data before you do this.

Step 1: Tools Needed:

  • Laptop
  • SSD
  • USB
  • Screw Driver
  • Internet Connection

Step 2: Download Windows on to USB

Visit the site:


Download the windows 10 operating system onto a USB. To do this simply accept all the prompts and be sure to select the USB option as shown in the figure.

Once completed take off the USB and set it aside and turn off your computer.

Step 3: Exposing HDD

  1. Verify that the laptop is turned off.
  2. Take off the battery. this should come off using a switch and should reveal a few extra screws.
  3. Remove all screws holding down ram compartment, and take off the compartment cover.
  4. Remove all screws holding down HDD compartment, and take off the compartment cover.

Step 4: Change the HDD to the SSD

  1. Pull the HDD out.
  2. Carefully remove the connector.
  3. Connect and place back the new SSD.

Step 5: Close the Laptop

  1. Simply place back all compartments in the reverse order of which you took them off. Be sure to tighten down all screws.
  2. After closing up turn on the laptop and you should see the boot up screen if done correctly.

Step 6: Install Windows

Finally turn off your laptop plug in the USB and turn on the laptop once more.

  1. Follow the prompts and accept all terms and conditions.
  2. Select Custom Installation
  3. Select your new SSD drive
  4. Select the version of windows you would like to use.

After a long boot up process you should see the new windows installation screen at this point you need to set up your computer as if it was new, with your own information.


Consider buying an air spray can.

Use this to clean dust off of the components as you open them.


Step 8: Enjoy Your Faster Laptop

These are the before and after boot up speeds of my laptop.

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for the remidner to make this upgrade to my aging laptop!