I have been designing and redesigning a Hellraiser Lament Configuration Tissue Box cover for probably half a decade. I've only ever made one before as a gift. It was a full box with a lid you put on with Velcro. I then redesigned it as a single piece cover like most conventional, plastic tissue box covers. The top tended to warp so that was discouraging. I found a better place to get my 3D prints done (TechCentral at the Cleveland Public Library Main Branch) and the quality continued to improve.

I decided to stick with the conventional, plastic tissue box cover concept but just print it in two pieces- the box sides and the lid.


Supplies? A great 3D printer. Black and gold spray paint. A sheet of foam. A sponge. Super Glue. A box of tissues. Knife. Tape. I thionk that's it

Step 1: Design

I did NOT use Tinkercad to design this. I have exclusively used Windows 3D Builder ever since I discovered it was included during a Windows update. I find it amazingly easy to use and recommend it whole heartedly.

There are plenty of Hellraiser cubes on Thingiverse to draw inspiration from. I pieced mine together and blew it up so that a tissue box would fit inside it (making it quite a bit larger than the original movie prop cube).

Step 2: Printing

So I sent my files to the the library and got them printed out. They came out great.

Step 3: Assembly

I then glued the lid on with Super Glue.

Step 4: Painting

I am a very lazy crafter at times and I print things in their base color and just do detail painting on top. No sanding, no priming. Very lazy. But there was a bit of discoloration on the cube where I glued it so I put on a coat of gloss black spray paint.

Then, what I do for the detailing is to take some gold spray paint and spray it on a piece of foam. I've used the quarter inch Darice brand of foam in the past with excellent result. I ended up getting a piece from Michael's but my results weren't as good. The foam was too dense.

I ended up just using a piece of EVA foam and the pieces sank in a little better to cover everything. I then sprayed a small pool of paint in the foam and used a dish sponge for touch ups.

Step 5: Tissue Box Modification

A tissue box is not a cube so it needs to be modified. With the original box that I built I remember having to cut a lot more off the box and pull out tissues. This tissue box wasn't as tall and I had already been using it so there were probably less tissues.

Stick the box of tissue on the cube, draw a line, cut around the line, fold the bottom of the tissue inside the body of the tissue box and then secure with tape. I used black, fabric, hockey stick tape that was lying around.

Step 6: Finished

And now a Hellraiser Lament Configuration Tissue Box Cover has been unleashed upon the world.

I had looked into possibly sending one to Clive Barker but he is super reclusive. I also don't know how he would feel about his creation of a puzzle box that is a portal to a Hell dimension being turned into a tissue box. Then again, there is an adorable Funko Pop! version of Pinhead, so who knows?

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