Introduction: HEMA Hackers: Inserts for Lacrosse Gloves


Welcome to the first instructables from the facebook community: HEMA Hackers. A community that focuses on sharing, and developing equipment modification ideas.

The finger inserts (image 1) in this "modification", looks into providing additional protection over the exposed areas of lacrosse gloves. In this example a pair of Warrior Lockdown goalie gloves were used, and the exposed parts (image 2) are the fingertips, and the sides of the index and baby finger.

(image 3) Illustrates how the modification attempts to improve protection over these exposed parts.

Step 1: Materials


- Scissors
- Craft knife
- PVC electrical tape *


- 4 mm Neoprene rubber sheet **

* - The PVC electrical tape is used to hold the inserts in shape, so that it forms around the fingers. Electrical tape was chosen as it's easy to source. Please feel free to replace the tape with another material if an alternate fixing method is desired.

** - Neoprene was chosen for it's shock absorbing properties. Please feel free to replace the neoprene sheet with a different material.

Step 2: Parts Preparation: Cutting the Strips

(image 1) 
Measure the gap between the protective padding above the finger to determine the width of the inserts. In this example, the warrior lockdown goalie gloves have a gap of around 10mm (13/32 inch)

(image 2)
Mark the strips onto the sheet material. In this example pencil can be used to mark neoprene.

(image 3)
Cut between 1 - 2 strips. Additional strips can be cut out in the later stages.

Step 3: Parts Preparation: Index and Baby Finger

(image 1)
Wrap the strip of material around the index finger, taking note that it slightly overlaps the knuckles. The strip should be long enough to cover the entire section of the fingertip (Distal Phalanx), and to where the finger is pointing (Proximal Phalanx).

(image 2)
Mark where the finger was pointing on image 1 and cut the strip to length. This will be the insert that protects both the fingertip, and outer side of the index finger.

(image 3)
Repeat this process for the baby finger. Take note of the palm facing upwards.

Step 4: Index and Baby Finger: Articulations

(image 1)
Wrap the strip for the index finger, as shown on the previous step. With the palm facing upwards, mark where the folds of the finger meets the strip.

(image 2)
cut a small triangle at where the joints are marked. Depending on what material is used, the height and width of the triangle can be varied. For Neoprene the triangle's height was around half the height of the strip (5mm).

Repeat this process for the baby finger.

Step 5: Middle and Ring Finger

(image 1)
The strips for the middle and ring finger are wrapped around the first section of the fingertip (Distal Phalanx), and is marked at where the joint is. The cut strips should be shorter than the strips for the index, and baby fingers.

(image 2)
Once this step is complete, there should be 4 strips cut to size, shaped, and ready to be assembled.

Step 6: Shaping the Inserts: 1

The following method is used because of the properties of tape: one side is always adhesive. To prevent the inserts from sticking to the finger, reverse taping was required. Feel free to use a different method.

(image 1)
Wrap one edge of the strip using electric tape, this prevents the tape from slipping off on the next stage.

(image 2)
With the adhesive side facing "outwards", wrap the tape around the finger. The edge of the strip should meet the knuckle at where it is held.

(image 3)
Fold the strip over to cover the other side of the finger. The strip should adhere to the tape.

(image 4)
With the adhesive side still facing "outwards", wrap the tape around the whole strip to create the first finger insert.

Step 7: Shaping the Inserts: 2

With the insert fully shaped. Cut the tape and wrap an additional layer of tape with the adhesive side facing inwards. This prevents the insert from sticking inside the glove.

Step 8: Final Results of Inserts

(image 1)
Repeat this process for all inserts, and the final results should be similar to the image.

(image 2)
With the inserts still attached to the fingers, gently push the inserts into each finger of the glove. For smaller gloves, do each finger separately.

Step 9: Final Fit.

Pull each finger of the glove tightly around the inserts. The inserts should now stay in place inside the glove, and act as an additional protective layer for your glove.

Factors to take note of:
- Keep the finger inserts loose and try not to wrap the tape too tightly. if the inserts grip too tightly on your fingers, stretch the tape by pushing the inside of the inserts, outwards.

- The articulations of the index and baby fingers can be adjusted.

- The inserts may obstruct your fingers when gripping. this can be solved by cutting off the corners on the bottom edges of each insert.

Thank you for reading this instructional guide from HEMA Hackers.