Introduction: HEXBOX™ - More Than Just a Controller, But a Connection!

Thank you for choosing to make the HEXBOX™ controllers and console!

HEXBOX is a set of FOUR DIY controllers and console box.



1 Ply Cardboard

2 Ply Cardboard

Super Glue Gel

Prym Braided Elastic Bands (Dimensions Vary)

3M Foam Tape


Lasercutting Machine / Services




Disclaimer: Children under the age of 12 should be supervised by an attentive adult. Severed fingers are NOT part of the package.

Step 1: Step 1: Download Controllers' Template

PROTIP: The files have been prepared to be to-scale.

Dotted Lines: Scoring and Folding required

Complete Lines: Cut

Lasercutting is recommended.

Step 2: Step 2: Download the Instruction Sheet

Step 3: Step 3: Gaming Set-Up

Connect the camera to _________ Open webpage for Trim & Trouble / Beholder.

Using bluetack, gently secure the camera facing upwards within the bottom compartment of the cylindrical base, ensuring all the marker codes on the controls are visible on screen.

Put a heavy paperweight within the same bottom compartment of the cylindrical base to support the cylinder. Slot the controls onto the slots on top of the cylindrical base.

Ensure that all markers are detected (framed in pink) except the push button. The push button should only be detected when pressed.

Click on the icon of 2 arrows pointing opposite each other to hide the camera screen and reveal the game Trim & Trouble. Pinch the controls to start the game.

Step 4: Step 4: Software Set-Up

Before starting the game, test your controls to check if they work.

Pinching the pinch button will activate the scissors to cut the beard. Pull and release the slider button to use it. A magic spell should be shot out from the wizard when released. According to the extent of pull, the magic spell varies in size, the further pulled, the larger the spell. Rotating the rotary button should rotate the minion and shield around the wizard. Pushing the push button will change the minion and shield colour.