Introduction: HID Bi-Xenon Retrofit for 1995 240SX Nissan

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ok i won't get into taking headlights apart or wiring HID lights . people have done write ups on this so don't be lazy do your research!!

Step 1: Source Parts.

i already had a quad projector retrofit , but if you don't, go to TheRetrofitSource and get some good quality projectors, ballast, bulbs, and relay. once u got that go to your local junkyard and liberate the reflectors and housing trim from a 97 eclipse .

Step 2: Tools Needed

i did this with nothing but a Philips screw driver , 100 & 50 grit sand paper, and an $8.99 rotary tool from harbor freight .

Step 3: Making Housing Trim Fit.

trim where needed.

Step 4: Mount Projector to Reflectors

obviously the projector doesnt fit. take ur dremel and make the bulb opening just big enough for the projector rear to fit. the tighter the better but don't force it.

Step 5: Mount Reflector to Housing

drill small hole at bottom of housing though reflector. your solenoid wires will eventually go here .

Step 6: Button It Up.

use butyle seal to put ur lights back together.

Step 7: Done

that's all folks now show off how cool ur car looks!
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