Introduction: HID Xenon House Bulb PORTABLE 12v Lamp

Turn an ordinary house bulb into a bright HID lamp! only 35Watts. HID or XENON lights are the really bright headlights you get on some cars like the new audis, Go retro and chuck it in a light bulb! i mounted it in an old lamp.
This is my first instructable; so just comment if i need 2 improve on anything...
i could have made loads of different instructables but just couldn't be bothered here we go......

Step 1: Take Out the Bulb and Fitting

The fitting is held on by a little 10mm nut and bolt, unscrew it and the fitting comes loose. your going to have to cut the plug with a pair of sidecutters to feed the wire through to take out the fitting

Step 2: Butcher the Bulb

Chop the tip of the bulb off so you can fit the HID bulb into it, you have to take the inside filament and glass out carefully; i done it with a dremel and a diamond glass cutting tip...

dont damage the screw thread

Step 3: Butcher the HID

Heres something i didnt really wanna do, theres no turning back after this, you cant put the hid back into your car...
cut the base of the HID so it can fit into the bulb

Step 4: Glue the HID Into the Bulb

Now you want to glue the HID into the bulb so it doesn't wobble about in there, I used a epoxy adhesive; available from most hardware shops; you have to mix even amounts of glue with hardener, to start off just mix a small amount about the size of a kidney bean or 2 almonds or about 3 peas.. that would probably be equivalent to about 4 adult size teeth haha anyway
once mixed, insert the HID into the bulb, make sure its resting on the sides-it'll make it easier.
Tape the wires to the side so that they don't get in the way, use a matchstick or toothpick or and audio jack to transfer the glue on and around the hid and bulb screw bit.
Bend the outside of the brass screw bit in, be careful not to damage the thread. and use more epoxy to seal it, i used silicon because its been sitting around for ages and I've never used it.
it takes ages to dry, about an hour... once dry, go ahead and screw it into the fitting. your going to have to cut the wires unfortunately then feed it through the fitting. I soldered them back on afterwards, make sure they are the correct wires HID only works one way, and insulate it properly because the electricity can arc easily because the ballast steps it up to about 30000Volts, the shock isn't really that bad, it looks kool though. i wouldn't recommend playing with it no matter how fun it is. you can burn out the ballast if you short the connections and make a big electric arc with it.

Step 5: Wiring It Up

I didn't take any pictures during production so i took them after... 
the wires from the HID go directly into the ballast box. you give your ballast box a 12V supply and then you close your eyes because the bulb is bloody bright!
its good use as a lamp or workbench light. but its not good to light up a whole room 

in the last three pictures I use a magnifying glass in the lamphead, that was my original idea but it was concentrated onto one spot too much. it would make a good torch.

anyway you can use the standard wire that comes with the lamp to connect it to a battery
I plan to get big crocodile clips and put em on the lamp so i can use the it when working on a car or outside

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