Introduction: How to Build a Guinea Pig Hamster Cage MANSION

About: Hello! WOW...I found this site via Google when I decided to build my daughter a Treehouse. The day prior, I created an Awesome Guinea Pig Mansion for my daughter ~ With NO INTENT of creating an Instructable! I…

Hello! I would do anything for my little precious 9 year old and her Guinea Pig LUCY. YES, Honestly....I made this the day before I found Instructables <NOT INTENDED FOR HERE> so i can now build her a Treehouse.  Amazingly so, I noticed the PET contest and entered it in immediately! I converted her Barbie 3 story dollhouse into an amazing home for Lucy! Best Part: I found all materials around the house. Didn't purchase a thing! Santa brought the Dollhouse 2 years ago!

Step 1: Supplies & Tools Needed

  1.  Dollhouse NOT used for "primary purpose" anymore (she is done playing dolls)
  2.  Plastic Outdoor/Lawn & Garden Fencing/Netting~I needed 3' x 4' (substitute with anything that works )
  3. You must measure your dollhouse for accurate dimensions
  4.  Hot Glue Gun & 6- 8 long glue sticks
  5.  Spray Paint (Optional)
  6.  Paper Clips 12-20
  7.  Electric Staple Gun 
  8.  Wood 2 inches in height and cut to fit dollhouse dimensions. Razor Knife (easier) or scissors to trim netting
  9.  Your "already available" basic guinea pig or hampster supplies

Step 2: Start With an *No Longer Used for Dolls" Playhouse

Sorry, Did Not Take A "Before" Picture!

Step 3: Spray Paint Basic Lawn & Garden Plastic Fencing Your Choice Color

Step 4: Use Wood Base-Board to Add Height So Bedding Doesn't Escape and Make Chronic Mess

Spray Paint Color of Choice, This was just chilling in my paint collection. Cut to fit and I used hot glue to attach to inside of dollhouse.

Step 5: Secure Open Windows in Dollhouse to Avoid Escape

Hot Glue ~on the inside of the dollhouse windows the plastic netting so your critter can't escape. The purple tube from level 3 descending down to level 2 was purchased at local pet store. This is needed so that Lucy can choose her level to chill on. In addition, there is a elevator on the right side of her home that goes from level 1 to level 2. SHE LOVES RIDING HER ELEVATOR!

Step 6: Secure Entire Front of Dollhouse Opening

Use the lawn & garden netting/fencing  to COMPLETLY cover the opening of the dollhouse. I used an DuoFast electric staple gun to attach. The staples are just a few milliliters in size which helps attaching to limited wood areas. Start at one end and stretch to opposite end to insure a tight covering.

Step 7: Carefully Cut Fencing to Create Entrances to Obtain Access to Care for Critter

Carefully cut doors to be able to get into dollhouse/cage so you will be able to tend to your critter. We used plastic color coated paperclips to be able to close the doors back up. I have a better idea for closing doors but this is working just fine for now!

Step 8: Drill Hole and Attach Water Bottle

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