Introduction: HK-Aerial Chanaged to Line Controlled + Hydrogen Balloon Engines

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Hi doers, I’m getting up to make a terminator air craft kite, kite making is one of the best leisure. Here my project gives a very best practical kite making tutorial.
Terminator air craft (HK-Aerial) has turbo engine in both wings with that idea I have made two cardboard cylinders to carry hydrogen balloons.
I tried flying without ballons but its working well..

!!!..Fair wind to your tries...!!!

Step 1: Materials

Things you’ll need.
• Bamboo sticks
• Waterproof fabric cloth/Paper/ Polythene skin
• Cardboard
• Hydrogen balloons
• Multi bond adhesive
• Scissors/Knives/cutters

I have used the parts and frame of a broken umbrella. actually my main concept in my mind is (cost less + more effort = big thing)

Step 2: Making the Body Frame

Very important fact we must consider in kite making is the weight of the material, it should be light weight, for that I have selected thin and narrow flexible bamboo sticks.
First of all make the craft body like in the picture. Make an arc with a long stick or make little bit pointy on the top.

Step 3: Making the Wings and Tails

Tie the sticks as like wings of a plane in both sides and make sure the size, length and weight of the sticks are same. Same criteria for the tails.
In the wing I have attached two cardboard cylinders to carry hydrogen balloons it will give an up thrust for the kite. If you feel not to attach this setup then just finish the wings with sticks to end like blank wing.
After that make a supporting setup in both wings and tails across the body like in the figure.

Step 4: Face Making (optional)

After completing the whole frame; make the terminator front of the air craft, for that attach two sticks from the both side of the wings and one from the top end of the body underneath the whole frame like in the pictures.

Step 5: Paste the Skin

After finishing the frame works start covering the body with the cloth/paper/polythene starting from the body first, easy way to skinning is to cut the shapes of every part little bit larger than the frame to paste the gum.
To cover the front face part cut the skin in triangle shape. When pasting gum leave space between the top body part and the face part for the air flow.

Step 6: Attaching the Line

tie lines in the following edges in the line map then tie all lines together leaving 1 meter along.
from the vantage point of all lines the kite should stay flat.

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