In this instuctable we will see how to make a HOME MADE DIY 400000 VOLTS TASER PHONE CASE for less than 10$.

Step 1: Parts Needed


2.Toggle switch

3.SPDT Slide Switch

4.3.7v battery

5.2 Needles

6.Some wires

7.High Voltage Generator Boost Step-up Transformer.

8.Battery charging circuit

Step 2: Connections

This is a very easy project it can be done in max 15 minutes.

1.Take the high voltage step-up converter it has 4 wires input and output. Input wires are different colors and output are the same color in any transformer. Solder negative of the battery to the charging circuit and solder the negative wire of the transformer to the charging circuit negative.

2.Take a slide switch which has 3 pins and solder a wire to the first pin of the slide switch and another end to the positive of charging circuit.

3.Solder battery positive to the 2nd pin of the slide switch.

4.Solder high voltage step-up converter positive wire to the 3rd pin of the slide switch. So that whenever we push the slide switch to right it connects battery positive and transformer positive and power is supplied. When we off it can charge using the charging circuit.

5.Now we need to add the push button switch take the positive wire of transformer and cut it in the middle and solder both ends to the push button switch.So we need to slide the slide switch first and press push button to fire up the taser it works as a safety feature because we don't want to taser ourselves by mistake when we keep the taser phone case in our pockets.

6.Now solder both ends of output wires of transformers to 4cm needles.

Step 3: Final Step

Using cardboard make a box as shown in the above image and put all the electronics in it.

Place the needles on the top cover and make a sliding mechanism so when we slide needle should come out.

Step 4: Lets Check How It Works

Thanks for reading my instructable I will be posting a clear DIY video on youtube soon :)