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I am told by the professionals that a clean golf ball will fly straighter. Well it may be true, but hasn't helped my game much. Regardless I like to keep my golf balls clean and looked into buying a ball washer, but was quickly discouraged, the prices are up to $250.00. Like any other speciality item, they can ask what they want I guess. As a result of the prices, I decided to make my own and did so for $10.00 and it works great. Here is how I did it.


1 - 1 Litre plastic pouring jug - $2.00 at Dollar Store
4 - 2" Scrub brushes -                $2.00 at Dollar Store
1 - 6" Plastic cutting board - $4.00 at Zellers, Walmart, Target, etc
8 - Small wood screws


Power drill, drill bit, screw driver, 1-3/4" hole saw, jig saw


The scrub brushes I bought are 2" and had handles, they were 2 for a dollar.  I cut the handles off of the brushes. I then mounted the 4 brushes inside the plastic pouring jug by drilling two holes per brush and then screwed the brushes to the sides of the jug. They are mounted across from each other.  The handle on the jug is perfect for holding the jug while cleaning the balls.  

I then took the cutting board and used the hole saw to drill out a 1-3/4" hole at the bottom of the board.  I then cut the sides off of the cutting board to fit inside the jug. See the photos.  You are now finished, simply fill the jug with a little hot water and soap, slip a ball into the hole of the cutting board, put the ball between the brushed and clean away.  Hope this works for you.  Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.  Thanks for looking.