Our costumes were such a HUGE hit this year!! My husband and I took 1st place in one costume contest and 2nd in another! Folks were asking us all night to take out photo. These costumes were VERY easy to make- with limited supplies.

If you are looking for an easy, FUN, CREATIVE, costume idea- this is a homerun!!! We received compliments all night & won contests!!! If you have 2 days to spare this is the perfect project. Total we spent $60 making this set of costumes

Step 1: Loofah

For the loofah:I bought a bulk order online (online is usually the cheapest) of tulle; 40 yards. Also went to the local store and bought a box (250 count) of 1” safety pins. I bought a $5 tub top at Wal-Mart, and a $5 pair of running shorts (so that it would be easy to use the restroom- a tube dress would work excellent a well). I cut the tulle into 12”x12” squares and scrunched them up into little puffs, twisted the end, and safety pinned them to the shirt & shorts. I had some thick yarn around the house and braided it to make the loop that hangs from the front of the loofah. I’m sure you could purchase some yarn for pretty cheap. It took me about 8 hrs to complete (cutting the tulle was time consuming)- but it totally paid off!

Step 2: Bar of Soap

For the bar of soap: My husband brought home from work a big box and the big bubble wrap. First, we cut out holes for his arms and head. We used bulletin board paper (the long paper that is about 24” in width on a big roll, we had it around the house- you could also paint the box white) and wrapped the box in the paper. We tapped the paper in place then cut out the paper that was covering the arm & head holes that we had already created. We printed off letters from the printer and traced them onto blue construction paper- used a glue stick to adhere them to the box. Last, we took the bubble wrap and cut it into sections; we applied them to the box with tape and glue so that it would look like suds on the bar of soap

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