Introduction: HOMOPOLAR Motor That Can Be Made at Home

About: I am 14 years old and am just starting out and I plan to be an engineer

This is an instructable that will show you to make a motor out of things you have lying around the house

Step 1: Materials

D-battery, Flat magnet, Rod of some sort(I used a screw), Copper wire, Casing(optional), Flat thin piece of plastic(optional), Switch(optional),

Step 2: Assembly

Put the screw on the negative part of the battery. Next you need to put the magnet on the screw head(you see why I use a nail) and finish the circuit by attaching the wire to the positive part of the battery and touch/attach the other end to the magnet

Step 3: Optional

After everything else you may get casing and use a switch that will move the plastic in between the wire and positive section of your battery cutting off your circuit saving energy and making practical use possible (sorry but I have no pictures of this)


this motor can fly apart if not secured and you'd probably not like a screw in the eye

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