The Honda Bravo is a 4-stroke 100 cc underbone class motorcycle designed

Manufacturer Honda

Class Underbone

Engine 4-stroke

Brakes Front: Drum
Rear: Drum Seat

Step 1: Tools and Parts Needed

1. Open and close wrench

2. T wrench

3. Sander to cut metal or metal saw

4. Allen wrench set

5. Front Shock housing

6. Disc Rotor, Hub, Brake Master,Cylinder Master and hose or Buy a Set already.

7. Bearings, Dust Cover, Collars

Step 2: Procedures

1. Remove the handle grip and put some clothe to the area for the protection of heat and sparks, cut the brake lever since the Honda bravo welding this part to the handle bar using a saw or sander, this is the only hard part in the conversion.

2. after fining/cleaning the area install the new brake lever.

3. on the new hub I bring it to the motor shop so they can replace the hub and aligned it with an new spoke that fits I pay about $ 2.5

4. Replace the Front Shock housing that there's a mount for the Cylinder Master.

Step 3: Finished Product

next time i planning the rear brake to change in disc brake too..