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Introduction: HOT GLUE Statement Necklace!

Statement necklaces are "in" right now. Some can cost an upwards of $40 and are mass produced.

By following this instructable you will create an inexpensive but RAD statement necklace out of HOT GLUE!!!

You also have the option of making it sparkle with glitter which is what I chose to do for my necklace. If you don't like glitter, that is ok! This instructable will guide you through both options.

Hope you enjoy :)

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

1) hot glue gun
2) hot glue sticks
3) paint in color of your choosing and paint brush OR spray paint in color of your choosing. Both options are pictures but I will be using the spray paint
4)if you choose regular paint you will need a cup of water (use cup you don't care about)
5) Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Spray
6) piece of paper (for necklace pattern. More than one to be safe if you aren't sure exactly of what you want to do)
7) pen
8) a workspace protected with a few sheets of newspaper
9) Mat made out of something that doesn't stick to hot glue. I think my mat is made out of silicone. It came with the hot glue gun.
10) mirror (not pictured) Your phone camera used as a mirror would work also. If you want to double check your necklace shape.
11) 2 pieces of chain (same length). The length of them will determine how far down your bib necklace hangs.
12) jewelry pliers (not pictured) If you don't have pliers, use large jump rings that can be manipulated with your fingers.
13) 4 jump rings. (At least 2 of them need to be large. I lost my pliers so I will be using 4 large jump rings)
14) lobster clasp

Glitter in color(s) of your choosing and spray adhesive

Step 2: Draw Necklace Shape

This is the step where you figure out what shape you want your necklace to be.

You can either freehand this completely without a pattern, freehand the pattern shape, OR do what I did.

This is my technique:

Fold your paper in half. Draw half of the shape of the necklace you want using the fold as the central axis.

Cut the shape out.

If you do this your pattern will be even.

Hold your shape up to your neckline in a mirror. Make sure this shape is the shape and size you want for your necklace.

Step 3: First Part of Hot Glueing

Put your hot glue mat over your shape. If your mat is too small (as mine is) start on one side. Ill guide you through connecting the pieces together in a later step!

If your mat is big enough for the shape and some overlap: complete the following parts of this step but create both jump ring loops and then skip to step 6.

If your mat is too small for your shape:
-- when you put the mat over your shape make sure you have a little mat on the outside of the side of the shape you are working on (we want some (hot glue) wiggle room!).
-- start the hot glue shape by creating a small circle/loop with hot glue. Be sure to not fill this circle in as you move forward. This is where we will be putting the jump ring!
-- continue hot glueing. I chose to let my loops be organic and random. Just going how the glue fell but you can also create a pattern if you would like.
-- finish what you can with the mat where it is now
-- let your hot glue shape dry completely
-- peel dry hot glue shape off your mat and set aside

Step 4: Next Parts of Hot Glue

Draw lines on your paper to show the sections you still have to hot glue

Move your mat to cover another one of these sections (I had 3 sections total).

Create more hot glue loops over this section keeping in mind the outline on your paper.

Let dry

Remove this piece and set aside with the other.

Move mat over next section that needs to be hot glued. Complete the hot glueing for this section

Let dry

Remove this piece of hot glue and set aside

Complete this as many times as you need to get all the pieces you need to complete your desired necklace shape.

Step 5: Assemble Hot Glue Pieces

Put your hot glue shapes next to each other in the manner so they look like how you want your final necklace to look like.

Use your hot glue gun to connect these shapes with hot glue loops. You want the pieces to be secure but still want to keep the hot glue loops look (don't want it to be a sheet of hot glue. We want a design). So keep that in mind when you are completing this step.

Step 6: Check (and Fix) Your Hot Glue Shape

Hold your shape up to your neckline where you would want it to fall and double check its how you would like in a mirror or by using your phone's camera.

If you want you can trim it down with scissors or add more to it with your hot glue. I liked how mine was so I left it.

Step 7: Paint Your Hot Glue Shape

Spray paint users:

Go outside and spray paint your hot glue shape. I sprayed it silver!

Let it dry.

Acrylic paint users:

Paint your shape using your paint brush. Be sure to keep the paint thin and not globby.

Let dry

Step 8: Optional: Glitterize Your Hot Glue Shape

Cut open the packets of glitter you want to use and have them handy nearby.

Spray your shape with spray adhesive and then sprinkle your glitter onto the shape

Keep sprinkling and spray again if needed until you achieve your desired look.

Next, spray a coat of acrylic coating onto your shape. Let dry.

I did 3 coats of spray total. I don't want glitter coming off on my outfit!

Step 9: Make Your Shape Into a Necklace!

Open one jump ring with either your fingers or pliers.

Put it through one loop of the hot glue shape and one end of one chain.

Close jump ring.

Repeat this for the other side of the necklace.

Now, hold the necklace up to your neckline where you want it to hang and make sure the chains are not too long. If they are too long now is the time to trim them.

Now to finish the necklace:

Open your third jump ring and put it on the end of one chain and open your fourth jump ring and put it on the end of the other chain.

Figure out which side you want the clasp and put the lobster clasp in the opener jump ring on that side.

Close both jump rings.

Step 10: TA DAHHHHHH!!!

Your HOT glue statement bib necklace is complete!

Go show it off :)

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