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Without wasting your time, I am going to reveal the strategy of making green metallic slime. Simple ingredients that convert into the metallic slime and complete step by step guide.


  • Two bottles of clear glue
  • 1 cup waterGlycerin
  • Metallic powder
  • Green food color
  • green glitter Slime activator.

Read The complete instruction of making green slime here . in this slime recipe, you will learn 2 different methods of making slime.

Step 1: Take a Large Bowl and Add Two Bottles of Clear Glue

Step 2: Its Time to Add 1 Cup of Water

Step 3: Use Glycerin for Making It More Shiny and Soft

Step 4: Green Food Color for Making It Green

Step 5: Green Glitter Will Enhance Its Shining

Step 6: Adding Metallic Powder in It to Make It Metallic Slime

Step 7: Mix All These Ingredients Until It Is Changed Its Form

Now add the slime activator slowly and keep mixing with a large spatula. you will notice that the slime is green and gives a metallic look.

Step 8: Leave It Overnight to Get the Perfect Slime

It is an interesting way to create a green slime. It is not only green but also super stretch and gives the metallic shine to the slime.

Step 9: Watch the Complete Video Tutorial for Best Result